Market commentary

What's a few zeroes between friends?

Blain's Morning Porridge Apologies about yesterday's outstandingly bad typo! I was wrong when I wrote the volume of negative-yielding global debt is around US$12.5 billion. It is around $13 trillion! What's a few zeros between friends? Back to today's reality. These are thin and dangerous markets....
History is History

Blain's Morning Porridge "People would laugh. My statement will not change history. History is History. " We've an exciting week's play in prospect here in the global financial markets. Highlight will be Friday's G20 meeting and the expected/hoped for Trump Xi trade rapprochement. What if...
Lower rates, no recession

View from the Bond Market by Chris Iggo, Chief Investment Officer, Fixed Income, AXA Investment Managers Lower growth, lower rates Still risks Fed to deliver it seems Lots of momentum Comfortable with risk Does valuation matter? Navigating through all the noise out there, it seems the most sensible...
We should be dancing round the stones

Blain's Morning Porridge "It's midsummer day, and I suppose we should be dancing naked round the stones – on second thoughts, probably notů looks like rain.." A host of things to think about as the week wends towards a weary close. How about the potential of a hot-war in the Gulf as...
Easier monetary policy ahead

How bad is summer going to get?

Now I am worried

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