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Insight for the buy-side and sell-side as they shape their firms and their vendor relationships to handle new opportunities while meeting regulatory and commercial challenges



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December 2014

Asset management and distribution
Who will Generation Z trust to manage their assets? Internet giants, who have come to dominate a wide range of markets, and eat into financial services, seem a likely contender. We look into the threats and opportunities these players pose for traditional fund managers, and how success will be built on trust.

After lagging far behind trade execution for so long, settlement times are catching up. But around the world they still vary widely, even after a recent wave of changes. We examine the rocky path towards a T+2 cycle and the benefits that this could have.

Collateral management
In conversation with representatives from six leading institutions, we take an in-depth look at the state of play in collateral management. Pinpointing what is happening in each market segment, we investigate what is driving demand and where the next generation of challenges and opportunities might lie.





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July 2014

Asset management: where to next?
We look to the future, examining a crucial dynamic that's in play: rapid transition in the balance of the core asset pools.

Global fund distribution

The UCITS framework has come to play a central role in the global distribution of investment funds. The consensus among fund managers and their service providers is that it will continue to do so, even with the coming launch of pan-Asian equivalents.

Execution slippage: a million here, a million there

In the low interest rate environment, yield has become elusive and many firms struggle to achieve traditional levels of investment return. As a result, the buy-side is placing far greater emphasis not only on costs but also on their underlying driving forces. In trade execution, the growing practice of transaction cost analysis underlines the significant impact that price slippage has on a portfolio's performance and how specialist execution can drive up net returns. We look into this new approach, and pick up tips from leading practitioners.

Mark Mobius

Opportunities for better long-term returns will come from an increased asset allocation to emerging and frontier markets, Dr Mark Mobius tells us, in sharing his insight as to what's driving growth, where potential profits lie and what the future holds for investors and fund managers. Dr Mobius then comments on the outlook for China.

China focus

We focus on China's asset pools and how, in common with many other Asian countries, the People's Republic has a creaking system of pensions provision which has failed to keep up with rapid economic and social developments.






April 2014

Securities lending: Asia focus

Among securities lenders and their agents, Asia is front of mind for its revenue potential as opportunities open up across the region. Where are we now and what does the future hold? In this article, leading market participants walk through the key markets and share their views and insight.

Global custodians under pressure

Rising expectations and increasing challenges are combining to drag down client satisfaction in a wholesale manner. Which providers are succeeding in delivering consistent performance? The 22nd annual R&M GlobalCustody.net Survey, the largest of its kind, reports on the winners and losers.

Transition management and performance pitfalls

For even the most sophisticated investors, monitoring the impact of transitions on investment performance can prove difficult. In an informative article, we highlight the pitfalls and how to avoid them.

Fund administrators: adapt to survive

A challenging new commercial and regulatory environment is driving rapid change. This article walks through the key dynamics and the consequences for product development, outsourcing and consolidation in the sector.






November 2013

Target2 Securities

Target2 Securities should help financial intermediaries spend a lot less money settling their European domestic and cross-border transactions when it goes live in 2015. At least, that's what the European Central Bank claims.

Fund administration rankings

Presenting the key results from the 10th annual R&M FundServices.net survey.


The Alternative Investment Fund Managers Directive is supposed to protect investors in alternative funds by ensuring the associated operations are up to snuff. Alternative fund managers wanting to market their funds across Europe will need to quickly up their reporting and risk management procedures and hire depositary banks to handle a lot of their post-trade processing work.

Collateral management

Collateral management: it's really an overused buzzword referring to a wide range of work to track down just where collateral is located, how much is needed for which transactions, and how to ensure it is sent to the correct location for the correct account. Fund managers have to do it; broker-dealers have to do it; and so do custodians as they increasingly take on the functions on behalf of their customers.






July 2013

Rating custodians

Service providers must be fully prepared to tackle the demanding middle-office requirements of fund managers. As shown in the 21st annual R&M GlobalCustody.net survey, client expectations are at a new level and even the largest and most technologically-sophisticated banks might not always rise to the task.


The US Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act carries some hefty obligations for fund managers. It's clearly far more than just a compliance burden – it's a data management monstrosity, as some experts warn. Fund administrators and custodians are either developing the necessary capabilities internally or looking to third-party providers themselves to help out.

Goodbye global custody

The question of whether the traditional global custody model is still relevant has been a recurring theme in recent years. Standard Chartered's considered approach to the overhaul of its own custody model takes the issue to a new level, one that would have been unthinkable only five years ago.

Collateral management

In today's fast-evolving regulatory environment, a carefully considered collateral management strategy should be a key focus for institutional investors from both a compliance and risk management perspective. We speak to Jeannine Lehman, EMEA Business Head, Global Collateral Services at BNY Mellon on this subject.

Securities lending

Custodians and investment funds may have to renegotiate their contractual agreements to account for the higher cost of indemnification or restrict participation in securities lending programmes.






April 2013

Global custody survey

We provide the results of our independent survey on just what institutional investors and fund managers across the globe think of their service providers.

Securities finance

Indemnification, a time-honoured practice in the securities lending and borrowing market, could end up either being scrapped or a lot costlier, if regulators have their way, leaving custodians and their investment fund customers with some pretty tough decisions.

Securities lending

While popular in the equities and fixed-income markets, reliance on a clearinghouse to process transactions hasn't exactly taken hold in the securities lending industry. Might this be about to change?


This legislation will level the playing field between alternative investment fund managers and their clients on the one hand, and traditional fund managers and theirs on the other, when it comes to marketing their funds across borders. CACEIS explains just what AIFMD entails and how it's preparing.





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